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Right of withdrawal

Stil Decor give you the chance if you are not satisfied by the product you have purchased to return it and get your money back providing the product is in the original packaging and condition. Only unused and unchanged products can be returned. Such products which haven’t been treated at all /used, washed, ironed, cut and other operations breaking their entirety/. The expenses for the return of the product or products are to your account.

According to article 55 paragraph 1 from the Law on Protection of Consumers, the goods received by the customer can be returned within 7 days after the purchase due to the special terms of the internet trade. The goods will be accepted if they are in the same conditions on purchase.  

We will check very carefully our products before we send them to you but in case you put a claim because of a production fault we will take the expenses for the return of the goods.

Return of goods is accepted in the following situations:

·        If there is a visible defect – crack, split, scratch or damaged part, missing element, damaged surface or unstuck element

·        If there is irregular form/warp which is not usual for the product which makes the product unstable


On return of the goods the customer has to choose from the following options:

·        Refund of the paid amount and return of the goods.

·        Replacement of faulty goods with new one of the same kind.

·        Replacement of the faulty goods with new one but with additional payment due to higher price.

·        Deduction from the price or free repairs.


On return of goods the customer has to present the documents on which the claim is based:

·        Receipt or invoice

·        Protocols or other documents proving the discrepancy of the product or service from the agreed one.

·        Other documents showing the amount and the grounds of the claim.


Replacement of goods:


On replacement refund of the paid amount or return of change is not allowed. The new products should have the same value or a higher one than of the purchased goods.

If the condition of the products you return does not meet the above mentioned requirements, we will return them to you at your expenses and the amount of the goods will not be refunded.

When a product is replaced with another one the expenses for the courier are to the account of the customer.

You can return the product or products within 7 days after the delivery day. The goods should be returned to the address they had been sent from.

As soon as we receive the returned products from you we will refund the amount. We propose the following options:

By postal money order
By bank transfer
In cash in the shops of Stil Decor or in the offices of the company