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Terms of trade


Trading terms with Stil Decor


  1. Each customer of Stil Decor entitled to use a discount has to complete a registration form. The SELLER/shop assistant works with wholesalers as well (furniture shops, gift shops, designers, owners of websites for online trading, hotels, restaurants).  The initial order should amount to a minimum 600.00 leva, calculated by wholesale prices, which is the condition for applying the wholesale prices.
  2. The SELLER/shop assistant sells goods and the BUYER is obliged to pay the full amount in cash, by credit/debit card or in advance by bank transfer, unless something else has been agreed. The goods delivered to the BUYER remain property of the SELLER, while the goods have been fully paid.
  3. The additional expenses, related to the transportation of the goods to the BUYER are at the buyer’s expense and they are not included to the selling price.

4.    The SELLER is obliged to inform the customer if there will be a delay in the fulfillment of the order. In case the order can not be fulfilled by the SELLER in the agreed terms, then the SELLER is obliged to inform the BUYER and to renegotiate a new delivery date. If the BUYER and the SELLER do not come to an agreement, the SELLER is obliged to refund to the BUYER the advance payment. 

5.                  The goods, with a deposit paid for them will be reserved for a month. After a month the goods must be paid in full. If the BUYER wants, and the SELLER has the possibility, the goods can be stored at the warehouse of the SELLER against payment for storage of 0.5% per day of the goods value.


6. If there are defects on the goods the BUYER can demand from the SELLER to remedy them to the seller’s account. The defects have to be asserted in a discrepancy protocol signed by both sides. 

7.                  If the BUYER has known about the defects on the goods at the moment of signing the contract or the acceptance of the goods and he has not object to them, then the SELLER is not responsible for these defects. All the defects must be described in certificate of delivery.


8.                  The BUYER has to inform Highstyle Ltd about any defects / discrepancies (which are not seen at the moment of the acceptance) not later than 3 (three) days from the receipt of the goods. In this case the BUYER has the right to demand the remedy of the goods, or its replacement (if the usage of the goods is not possible; if the BUYER has acted in good faith, and has fulfilled its obligations.  The BUYER has to return the damaged good in the original or similar one packaging. In case the BUYER does not inform the SELLER within 3 days it’s considered that the condition of the goods meets the agreed conditions.  


9.                  The BUYER can not return goods to the SELLER if it is not coordinated with the SELLER in advance. The return of the goods must be in the original or similar one packaging not later than the next purchase / delivery.


10.              Highstyle Ltd is not responsible if the purchased goods can not go through the doors and/or corridors of the house and/or building of the BUYER. 


11.               The SELLER is not responsible for any damages caused by third part – freight companies / couriers. The SELLER recommends the BUYER to make sure that each freight company which will transport the goods on the BUYER’S account has the necessary insurance, or advices to make one at their account. 


12.               All designs, pictures, illustrations, specifications, sizes, weight, and other description of the goods, nevertheless if they are part of contract or presentation, are given to the customer for giving detailed information for the goods, but can not guarantee they coincide completely. 


13.               All the furniture is intended for home use.  The SELLER is not responsible in case any of the furniture is used for public or commercial exploitation.  


14.               The SELLER reserves the right to change the current prices with a prior notice to the BUYER.