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Conditions of use

Welcome to Stil Decor

There are our Conditions of use of this website:

The use of Stil Decor means that you agree to and accept the conditions of use of this website.
 We reserve the right to change these conditions of use at any moment, and they come into effect from the moment of their publishing

3. We reserve the right to change the structure of the website including removal, deletion and adding of new elements to Stil Decor.

4. All information, picture materials presented on this website, models, and others are property rights to Highstyle Ltd as well as to our co-partners.  In case of copying and using them for purpose out of the usual activity of the site, out of explicitly specified from us cases, will apply the Copyright Act – art.93e, paragraph 3, art.94.

5. Any suggestions, ideas, etc sent by customers of Stil Decor automatically become Our property and Stil Decor will not owe any indemnity or any compensation for their use by Stil Decor.

You agree that Stil Decor can send you emails aimed to inform you about changes, new products and offers, as well as current promotions.  

7. Our website displays the products in their real colours.  If you experience any problem with their right display, please adjust your monitor settings. We are not responsible if your monitor does not display the right colours.

8. This website contain links to other websites, however, once you have used these links you should note that we cannot be responsible for the usage of these sites.  

9. When purchase take place from Stil Décor, Highstyle Ltd takes the responsibility to make the delivery of the goods to the price, quality, type, material and the units chosen by the customer. The customer is obliged to pay for the goods by cash on delivery, or in advance by bank transfer or credit card. You can always count on our promptness and honesty if any questions and problems have arisen.  

10.Each order placed by a customer through the online shop  of Stil Decor will be considered as a sales contract between the two sides, as the commitment of the order  has the force  of a declaration of intention  by the customer for a conclusion of a contract. Each customer can make a correction on its order before or after it has been done, by informing us about the chance on the email or telephone number shown in the contacts. The order can be done on Bulgarian, English or German.

Each customer has the right of access to his/her order-contract which will be given to him/her on request. Each order will be confirmed by the phone shown by the customer.  
Electronic shop follows the ethical code of BАЕТ /

All prices are VAT inclusive.

For all matters not specified in this chapter the Bulgarian Law will be applied.